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The biggest problem I had for owning a business for more than two decades was meeting the expenses, until I figured out some hidden secrets! I hate to see another business owner spending more time in the business - away from family. As a former struggling business owner I can tell you working harder in your business is not the answer to financial success! I will reveal all the powerful secrets I learned while in the business for more than 2 decades. I was operating like most businesses until I figured out these secrets.

Most businesses act like they are the hunter and customers are the prey so they go looking for someone to sell something. Turn it around, let customers be the hunter and you be the prey! Sounds great but how do you do that?

Position yourself as the expert and go to source. This can be achieved by educating your target audience and once they realize that you are the expert-the go to source then your competition is irrelevant. You are in a category by yourself. There is you and then everyone else! This is a dream come true for most businesses but it is very possible if you act methodically.

If you need to reap through out the year then you need to plant also in an ongoing basis. Most businesses only advertise when business is slow. This is worst time to spend money on advertising because you don’t have any! If you don’t get any business then how will you get any money? Now you are in a catch 22 situation. You can avoid this situation by advertising continuously rather than haphazardly until enough word of mouth referrals are coming in continuously. Let me give you some common-sense thoughts regarding advertising. Do you ask someone to marry you on the first date? Yet this is exactly what is happening with most advertisements. It is asking the consumer to take the final decision after watching a single advertisement, no wonder it fails miserably. If you want great results from your advertisements then you must allow consumers to take baby steps instead of the final one. In order to increase your patient volume, implement a step by step process beginning with consumers visiting your website or requesting a free report from you so they are comfortable with you and then sale will happen in due time but if you attempt it in one shot, it often fails! A business looking to succeed should always look at the number of leads it is generating.

Let me give you some details about L.G.M. An example of a Lead is like someone saying “I am interested in what you are selling, tell me more about it.” This can be achieved through a Lead Generation Magnet or L.G.M. A L.G.M can be anything, a report, book, or video. Something that can pique an interest in consumers on what you are offering. When someone requests a free report, at the very least it captures their email I.D. which should be used for follow up. Once a patient hits “submit,” the report will automatically be emailed to them from you, positioning you as an expert. A L.G.M is a must for you to succeed in your business. Get all the secrets you need to grow your business massively.

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Dr. J Peruvingal PT, DPT

I never had a lemonade stand or paper route, and never been a business man. Walking home from Martin Van Buren high school in Queens village, N.Y. Whenever I see a mature person mowing the grass or shoveling snow I would say “take a break, I got it”. I never took any money from them until it was forced upon me. Very few people took advantage of my good nature but majority didn’t. Word got around the neighborhood fast that I was the go to kid for anything that needs to be done around the house. Years later when I graduated from P.T school and started to look for a job-goal of every employer was to keep the patient as long as they can so maximum money can be milked from insurance companies! Of course I vowed against that so I had to open my own practice at age 25 instead of going to clubs. Soon I found out that I was nothing but a high priced slave to the clinic. Hence, I have decided to help other practice owners have a life and thriving physical therapy business at the same time. 

I understand very well the difficulty of running a successful Physical Therapy practice when reimbursement rates haven’t increased in decades while the costs have tripled.

-Dr. J Peruvingal PT, DPT


Ways to grow and thrive your physical therapy business in the midst of P.O.P. and hospital owned practices where referrals are never a problem.